The Irrigation Masters

The Irrigation Masters Provides Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Repair and Maintenance Services for Residential and Commercial Properties.

Do you have any trouble with your Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Systems? Say no more.

The Irrigation Masters possess over 35+ years of combined Experience in the industry. Professionalism, Quality, Efficiency, Instant Services, and Affordable costs are our defining traits. We offer world-class, professional Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance Services. We service all major irrigation system brands, we provide you with a hassle-free and guaranteed completion of repair work for your Commercial and Residential Properties.

Why choose us?

The efficiency of Work

The Irrigation Masters is a leading provider of sprinkler and drip irrigation repair and maintenance with superior repair solutions in Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding cities. We go above and beyond the competition to bring you a high level of customer care, reliable service and quality work most importantly we will keep your property landscape looking green.

With over 35+ years of combined experience The Irrigation Masters has been offering Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation Repair and Irrigation System Maintenance Services. What has made us come so far?

Our dedication and commitment to the quality and effectiveness of our work. At our company, client satisfaction is considered as the top most priority. That’s why The Irrigation Masters is the preferred go to company at all times.

Major Brands Quality and Superior Parts

While servicing all Major Brand Irrigation Systems like Irritol, Hunter, Rain Bird, Weathermatic, Toro we utilize material parts from highly reputable brands their top-of-the-line products guarantees a high level of functionality as well as dependability.

Skilled Professionals

The Irrigation Masters have the honor of possessing the most experienced and talented team in the industry. Our knowledgeable Expert Repair Technicians have gained the skill and expertise to perform high-quality work, Be assured we’ll get the job done right while treasuring our motto that we do It right the first time. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority Our team members are some of the highly reputed people of the industry. Therefore, quality work becomes our necessity.

What We Offer

The Irrigation Masters offers a range of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System Repairs and Maintenance  Services. Which specifically include solutions for:


Sprinkler Repair


Drip Irrigation Repair


Sprinkler Head Repair and Replacement


Leak Detection


Valve Replacement and Repair


Timer Replacement and Installation


Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation System Maintenance


Low Pressure and Wiring Problems